František Kolínský founded the club HSCP in 2001. The club quickly grew in popularity and acquired big clientele. Whole families comes to HSCP club to learn how to self-defend themselves. Kids practice in the afternoon hours and adults practice in the evening. Even thou HSCP's clientele is still growing in numbers; we limit the number of people per session so the instructor can give each client enough attention.

Our goal is to teach the basics of the real self-defense, which can be used in everyday life. In our club, you will learn the basic self-defense principals and learn how to work with your strengths and weaknesses. Aside from the regular sessions, HSCP also offers the physical strengthening (workouts).

František Kolínský (mister Fu-Lang) had an opportunity to meet many people thought the HSCP club. Many people who came to the club had incredible stories from their lives that were hard to believe. Many of them went thought trauma and had to learn how to deal with it. Part of the reason why O-FU was created was to help out anybody who could potentially find himself or herself in the situation, where they would need to protect themselves.


It is important to be able defend ourselves in todays world. Not everybody has the opportunity to learn how to defend himself or herself. O-FU was created by František Kolínský to be used by anybody with little to no knowledge or real self-defense.

O-FU is made out of strong, hard, lightweight alloy of aluminum, which can be put on your forearm or your shin. The strength of the O-FU ensures the protection from any type of attack and allows the person (that is being attacked) to defend himself or herself. 


- you hold nothing in your hand
- O-FU is simply hidden under clothing
- made of lightweight, highly durable material
- easy to use in practical self defense that does not require training


Although it is a self-defense device, O-FU is not allowed to be used in any combat sport. However, it can be used as part of a training aimed at defending stabbing or cutting weapons or attacking long objects.

O-FU is not intended as an offensive weapon and its manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any misuse.

Very light and resistant to attack by aggressors. Suitable for women and men with less or no fighting experience. The main advantage of this tool is that you have your hands free and can be kept under your clothes, so you are always ready to save your life. It is designed for right-handed and left-handed users and the use is quite simple. Another integral part is the Personal Bodyguard button, which you pair with your own phone, connect to any number you dial and if you are in real danger send a GPS coordinate signal and report that you are in distress.

I. Working: suitable for security, police, rescue services
II. Civil: Suitable for women and men who have no style of self-defense or combat
III. Training: suitable for self-defense against cutting, cutting, striking weapons

O-FUconsists of strong and lightweight aluminum and Velcro fastening straps. It is also possible to assign a GSM module, which sends a signal to the contact person by pressing the button.

Each customer receives an application and instructional videos to help them learn to defend themselves easily and efficiently.

An additional service is the possibility of training real self-defense by a professional instructor of HSCP.