Anodizing and color selection

Anodizing is a type of chemical-thermal coating of aluminum products (abbreviated as Electrolytic Oxidation).

It consists in forming a protective layer of aluminum oxide on the treated surface. This layer no longer oxidizes and thus the aluminum itself protects against further oxidation. It is used, for example, in aerospace and automotive production, but also in cases where aluminum is used in exterior applications, such as aluminum windows, etc. Due to this treatment, the material is protected against weathering.

By anodizing the finished O-FU, their weather resistance is increased, the mechanical strength of the surface is increased and the thermal and electrical conductivity and surface roughness are reduced.

In addition to the protective function, anodizing also has an aesthetic function, as it allows the choice of surface color according to the requirements of the future owner. We offer these colors as standard (RAL number in brackets):

black (RAL XXXX)
blue (RAL XXXX)
green (RAL XXXX)
yellow (RAL XXXX)
pink (RAL XXXX)
orange (RAL XXXX)
red (RAL XXXX)

If you are interested in another color, please contact us.

299.00 Kč
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